Steel Bending Atelier & Reinforced Concrete

Flexible Production of Reinforcement Elements
Cordeel disposes of its own steel bending ateliers which are located in Temse and in Hoeselt. In these ateliers, reinforcing steel and reinforcement bars are cut to size and processed into reinforcing elements and reinforcment cages for the (prefab) concrete construction.
An inhouse steel bending atelier offers us extra flexibility, because it allows to seamlessly align the production of reinforcement elements to the actual progress of the words at the construction site itself. It is obvious that this results in a speed-up of the building process itself.

For Use at the Construction Site or in the Prefab Atelier
The steel bending atelier purchases reinforcng steel and reinforcement bars and cuts these materials to size. Next, these materials are used to assemble various reinforcing elements and reinforcement cages. Part of these elements is intended for the inhouse prefab division, where both simple and complex concrete elements are produced. Other reinforcing elements are brought to the construction sites right away, where they are used in the concrete construction. 

Optimized Production Planning
The steel bending atelier is perfectly equipped with state-of-the-art appliances which is necessary for ensuring speed and flexibility, both part of the raison-d'être of the steel bending atelier. 
External producers of reinforcement elements and cages follow up their orders according to a strict planning based on their very own production logic, however, at Cordeel, we always work in close consultaton with our colleagues at the construction site itself. Whenever required, we modify our production planning in order to continue to guarantee a fluent progress of the works at the construction site. 

Competitive Price Strategy
Each project of Cordeel's inhouse steel bending atelier starts with the study of the architectural draft plans and the drawing up of a bid or offer. Following final assignment of the order, a dossier manager is appointed in the steel bending atelier who will keep an eye on the timing and the technical and financial management of the project. He/she also acts as the permanent contact person vis-à-vis the general project leader. 
The actual execution of an order starts with the preparation of the detailed plans. Following approval by the project leader, the required steel is ordered and production may begin.