A self-made company

Cordeel has its own production facilities in Belgium. Experienced professionals process high quality materials here to high quality products and building materials. We continually invest in equipment in order to stay ahead when it comes to technology.

Customer-driven, quality solutions

Thanks to our own production facilities, we can offer customer-driven solutions and guarantee the highest quality possible. Another advantage for us as well as our customers is speed and flexibility. Because we are not dependent upon third parties, we can finish projects within a very tight construction schedule. Due to good transport planning, less storage space is needed on-site and off-site, which means savings in costs.

Our production facilities:

Bar bending

Flexible manufacturing of reinforcing elements

Cordeel has two steel reinforcement departments. This department cuts reinforcement steel and rods [bars?] to the required length for constructing reinforced elements and cages [?] for our own prefab [precast?] concrete factories [plants] as well as for supplying our building sites. Our fully computerised management and control system is under tightly controlled supervision. A minimum of waste is the result. Our steel reinforcement manufacturing is KOMO certified (pdf in Dutch).

Prefab steel reinforcement plants

From concrete column to complex prefab elements

We have two prefab concrete factories.  Our specialised production teams work in air-conditioned production areas with ultra-modern production facilities. At least 20,000 m³ cement is processed yearly into high quality elements. There are about 30 different cement elements in white and grey cement, among which:

  • Straight and spiral staircase constructions
  • Serie elements such as columns, plinths, walls and facades
  • Specials for the industry such as wells, sleepers and ducts  
  • Customised shapes

In our test laboratory we carry out strict quality control checks. All cement elements undergo quality checks before leaving our premises. This is how we guarantee the highest quality before, during and after the production process.  This is why our factories are KOMO certified (pdf in Dutch).

Metal department

Steeled for construction

Cordeel’s metal department has grown steadily [has expanded rapidly] during the past years.  Today we deliver up to 1000 tonnes of product a month. In 2010 we started operating a new production facility. This workshop has hyper-modern robots for welding, drilling, sawing and cutting. Everything runs on sustainable energy. In our large 11,000 m2 workshop with a lifting capacity of 40 tonnes, we construct the following:

  • Main load construction for buildings
  • Pipe racks
  • Awnings and other coverings
  • Bridges
  • Stairs, landings and railings
  • Doors etc.
Carpentry & furniture workshop

We build for you

The carpentry workshop has the most modern means of production for top quality wood working. Cordeel produces and installs interior and exterior woodwork for various applications. We do this in the most sustainable way possible. We recycle wood waste and sawdust into new wood products.


  • Wooden frames for doors and windows
  • Wooden wall covering
  • Interior construction and wood working of panel materials and solid wood
  • Pelmets, window sills, skirts, radiator covers etc.
  • Fixed stairs


  • Wooden frames for doors and windows
  • Timber cladding in a variety of materials
  • Flooring for terraces in various kinds of solid wood

Want to know more about the possiblities of our own production facilities? Contact us.