Prefab Concrete

Complex prefab elements made of high-grade concrete
Cordeel's prefab concrete division produces various prefab elements, such as columns, beams, wells and manholes, straight staircases and spiral staircases, and facade elements. This  involves quite a lot of specialized professional knowhow and manually conducted tasks. The division manages to react swiftly to the demands of our clients, thereby still meeting the highest quality standards. To a great extent, this can be explained by the close cooperation with the other inhouse business units of Cordeel, such as  the joinery and the steel bending atelier.

Colors and Classes
At Cordeel, we use several different concrete types of various strength classes and environmental classes. Our clients may choose from, among others, rad, white, black or standard gray concrete. For the compacting of the regular concrete, the prefab elements are mechanically lifted onto vibration tables. For concrete elements which must be permanently visible, Cordeel uses self-compacting materials. Ths results in a more even and smooth outer appearance.

Komo, Benor and CE
The prefab concrete division has its own quality label. All concrete received by us from our respective suppliers is subject to severe pressure tests. That is the only way to adequately follow up and monitor the building performance.
Furthermore, the prefab atelier of Cordeel is monthly evaluated by accredited KOMO-certified institutions. KOMO is the Dutch certification label that guarantees the building performances of prefab elements. 
All Cordeel products are also CE-certified. CE is a product certification label which guarantees that a product has been tested in accordance with the strict European norms and standards.