Metal Construction

Sturdy and hardened for construction
The metal construction division of Cordeel has grown a lot during the past few years. Today, our monthly output capacity of finished products equals 450 up to 500 tons.  These finished products not only include major metal constructions for industrial buildings, but also bridges, stair towers and escape doors. In our atelier of 11.000 m2 in surface, we can build and assemble workpieces weighing up to 40 tons and in an ever increasing number of construction projects, high performance steel is becoming more and more important. 

The state-of-the-art workplate
Early in 2010,  Cordeel officially commissioned the new atelier of the metal division. The atelier is located on the former Boelwerf site. The workshop had to be designed in such a way that everything requested by our clients could be produced or assembled inside its walls. 
The building is 198 meter long, 55 meter wide and has a height of 13 meters. It is equipped with 6 roller bridges of 10 tons and two roller bridges of 20 tons. The four sliding doors and the four swing doors have been designed for bringing in and removing of exceptionally big workpieces. 

What the client wants …
Most orders  must be accompanied by an extensive and accurate description of the final product that must be delivered. However, sometimes it may happen that such a description is lacking. If that is the case, then our engineers shall decide on the most adequate steel types, bolts, nuts etc ... They draw everything in detail and submit their design for approval. As soon as the client has given green light, the production machines start working on the basis of digital data contained in the design drawings. For us, it is essential that the client gets what he needs. 
This client-orientedness pays off quite well. In the metal division of Cordeel, there are always around 30 projects which are being processed in different stages of finishing. Of course, this requires a strict organization and at the same time a great degree of flexibility.

Man, environment and machine
All welders of our metal division are certified and Cordeel continuously invests in training and education courses for all its employees and workforce. However, any organization which wants to react to circumstances in a flexible way must also invest in the acquisition of all advanced appliances required: For example, at Cordeel we have the biggest drilling and sawing street currently available on the market. Also our punching & cutting street and our plasma-oxyfuel cutting table are the absolute 'state of the art’.
As a matter of course, Cordeel pays special attention to the health and safety of its workers and to the protection of thee environment. For example, all welding smoke is removed by suction and on the roof of the building solar panels have been installed. All production heat is recuperated and, with a view to preventing heat loss during loading and unloading, the loading doors can only be opened when they are released from the inside. These are of course just a couple of examples of the various environmental and safety measures which have been put in place.